The Shield Creator On Revival Plans

“The Shield” creator and prolific TV producer Shawn Ryan appeared at the ATX Television Festival on Saturday along with several other writers from the acclaimed but long-wrapped cop drama. The group offered a willingness to revisit the show’s leading character, Ryan telling the crowd:

“I have some ideas where Vic Mackey is, but I don’t know where Vic Mackey is until someone puts me in a writers room with a group of these people and some people that aren’t here and give us a week to sort it out…. Usually my first idea, instinct isn’t the right one so I have some thoughts. I’d love to hear their thoughts and I’d love someone to pay us to sit in a room.”

A “SHIELD” revival would continue the hot current trend of reviving major network shows for a limited season run – ala Fox’s “24”. However, those involved have commitments to other projects – Ryan to “Timeless” and Kurt Sutter to the “Sons of Anarchy” spin-off.

Source: The Live Feed