The Rock Finishes “Fast and Furious 7” Shoot

With filming on “Fast and Furious 7” finally winding down following its restart in late March, actors involved in the production are packing up and moving on.

One person who just finished is Dwayne Johnson, the actor posting a photo on social media of himself with the crew along with the following message:

“My last day of Fast & Furious… I’m truly touched by the farewell love my film crew has shown me. Its been an honor to work with such an incredibly hard working and brilliant crew. (a crew who’s had to practice great restraint daily on this production;). They may not be household names, but they’ll ALWAYS be stars in my book. With great love and respect to all of you… see ya down the yellow brick road. Another place. Another time. #ThankUForAllYourWork – Rock”

The film’s director James Wan has also posted a photo of himself taken with Johnson on his last day on-set.

No word yet as to when the entire production wraps. The film currently remains on track for an April 10th 2015 release.