The Return Of Dr. Fu Manchu

Distant Horizon (“Pulse”) is planning a film centered on arch criminal mastermind Dr. Fu Manchu and to be shot in Hong Kong and mainland China says The Hollywood Reporter.

Producer Anant Singh says the plan is to “reinvent Fu Manchu as an anti-hero who fits in with a more socially conscious world and that addresses the very complex multipolar world we all live in today.”

First featured in a series of novels by English author Sax Rohmer, the character has been memorably portrayed in various feature films by actors like Warner Oland, Boris Karloff, Peter Sellers and most famously Christopher Lee. Nicolas Cage recently did a cameo as the character in one of the faux trailers in “Grindhouse.”

One big concern of course is the racist undertones of the character, one which plays up the whole antiquated ‘yellow threat’ stereotype – “the xenophobia of the original material head-on with the possible collaboration with Chinese filmmakers in a bold effort to turn Sax Rohmer’s underlying sentiments on its head” says Singh.

Indie producer Harry Alan Towers and actress Maria Rohm, key figures in the original 60’s Christopher Lee films, will serve as producers.

Distant Horizon is also at work on several remakes of Japanese films like Hideo Nakata’s “Don’t Look Up,” Yasuomi Umetsu’s “Kite,” and Japanese manga comic “The Neighbor Number 13”.