The “Red Dawn” Remake Trailer Hits

After years of delays, the first look has finally arrived at MGM’s remake of John Milius’ 1984 paranoia Cold War cult classic “Red Dawn”. There are some undeniably impressive shots and it actually looks like it could be dumb fun, even if the premise itself feels like an utterly implausible jerk off fantasy for right-wing militia nuts.

Nevertheless there’s a pretty good cast here defending the rights and freedoms of Americans in the Pacific North West region from hostile forces led by the chiseled jawline and high cheekbones of Will Yun Lee’s army captain. Leading this group of rebel ‘Wolverines’ are two Australians – Chris Hemsworth and Isabel Lucas.

The baddies were originally slated to be the Chinese and then digitally altered in post-production to become North Koreans. Glimpses of the alterations can be seen with the Korean flag emblem seen on giant banners in the second half of the preview, though freeze on a couple of shots and you can still see the Chinese/Russian coalition symbol used during filming on a couple of shots between the 1m 54s and 2m 00s mark.