The “Reboot” Reboot Gets A First Trailer

Fans of Mainframe Entertainment’s cult 1990s TV kids show classic “ReBoot” have long been following rumors of an actual reboot of the show.

The original and entirely CG-animated series followed the lives of digital beings who lived within a self-contained digital world and would periodically become trapped within instances of video games when programs were launched by unseen human users. The show’s graphics, though embarrassingly dated today, were pretty edgy back them.

It turns out the rumors have serious weight as today comes the trailer for Netflix’s “Reboot: The Guardian Code,” a spiritual successor to the original series and one that shifts up the premise. In this take, four human teenagers become digitized and transported into Cyberspace to take on a merciless hacker known as Sourcerer who seeks to rule the world.

The new take blends live-action scenes with CG animated scenes. Those scenes are produced in 4K using the Unreal game engine, the first time a TV series has used a video game engine to build feature animation. The series hits Netflix worldwide from March 30th, except for Canada where it will premiere in June.