The Random Spiel: September 3rd 2007

New stills are out from The Hotel Chevalier, Mamma Mia!, and the sets of The Happening and Indiana Jones IV

– Posters are out for Run, Fatboy, Run, Sleuth, Juno, Saw IV, Rendition.

– A full on description of a twenty minute promo reel for Paul Thomas Anderson’s “There Will Be Blood” is up at Cigarettes and Vines. It was also revealed the final film will be around 160 minutes long.

– Tom Cruise has made his first public comments about the Bryan Singer-directed WW2 flick “Valkyrie” to People Magazine.

– Anna Faris comedy previously named “House Bunny” is now being called “I Know What Boys Like.”

– A big-screen adaptation of the Japanese manga “Dragonball Z” is scheduled to film in Montreal this winter, as is the “Night at the Museum” sequel and “Fantastic Voyage” remake.

– An interesting article on how Owen Wilson’s private life is to effect the press for Wes Anderson’s new comedy “The Darjeeling Limited.”

– Anthony Minghella is set to have a cameo role as an interviewer in the upcoming Keira Knightley/James McAvoy drama “Atonement”.

– Mike Mignola talks about how the shoot of the “Hellboy” movie sequel is going and what we can expect.

– Morgan Freeman talks a bit about working on “Wanted” and “The Dark Knight”.

– Whilst all the “Justice League” rumors are causing many to crazy, at least one bit of confirmed news is out – Susan Shopmaker, Michelle Allen and RDC Casting will be handling the task.

– Rogue Pictures has hired Ian Jeffers to completely re-work the “Castlevania” script adaptation of the video game.

– You can vote which DVD coverart will be best for the December release of the “Battlestar Galactica: Razor” TV movie DVD.

– Ewan McGregor says he thinks his work on the “Star Wars” films was the worst job of his career, whilst Jude Law admits his “Alfie” remake was a dud.

-Some minor details are out for what to expect in the second season of “Doctor Who”.