The Random Spiel: September 28th 2007

Stills are out for 30 Days of Night, Sex and the City: The Movie, Saw IV,

We Own the Night

-Former “Stargate: Atlantis” star Paul McGillion has auditioned for the role of Scotty in the upcoming “Star Trek” film, whilst “Poseidon” actor Mike Vogel is hotly tipped to have won the role of James T. Kirk.

-David Duchovny seems to think that a December shoot is being targeted for a “The X-Files” sequel movie.

-“Transformers” hottie Megan Fox is being courted for the role of Cassie Hack in the adaptation of the comic “Hack/Slash”.

-The title for the upcoming fourth “Indiana Jones” feature seems to have a distinct similarity to a theme park ride.

-Giant Aussie crocodile movie “Rogue” has been pulled from the US schedule, no word yet on a new date. The film remains on track for a November release in Australia.

-“They f**ked me over, is essentially what happened” says the brilliant Michael Ian Black to Coming Soon about why his comedy “Wedding Daze” ain’t getting a US theatrical release.

-Script reviews are out for The Grays, HALO, Splice.

-Sony has just posted the first of eighteen video blogs which will premiere every week.

Voices From Krypton has posted an almost seven-minute audio interview with Director David Yates about the next “Harry Potter” film.

-New set pics and concept art has come out from “The Incredible Hulk”.

-James Marsters will reprise his role on “Smallville” as Dr. Milton Fine, the alter ego of one of Superman’s biggest arch-nemeses, Brainiac. Marsters was last seen in the fifth season finale of “Smallville.” He is returning to the set in Canada shortly to film four episodes, which are slated to air next January.

-The Notorious B.I.G. biopic is looking for actors to play the roles of P. Diddy and Faith Evans.

-A very informative set report is out from “Hellboy II: The Golden Age.”

-An interesting synopsis breakdown of Richard Kelly’s upcoming “The Box”.

-Harvey Weinstein tells Silent Bob Speaks Kevin Smith’s horror script “Red State” both ‘disturbing’ and ‘challenging’.

-Peter Jackson has confirmed he turned down Martin Freeman for a role in “The Lovely Bones”.

-A direct-to-video sequel to the thriller “Joy Ride” is in the works reports Bloody Disgusting.

-Whatever the decision about the airing order of “Battlestar Galactica” next year, its been confirmed that the Sci Fi Channel will air the series on its high-definition simulcast channel – allowing viewers to finally see the show in HD during its premiere run.