The Random Spiel: October 7th 2007

Posters for Iron Man, John Rambo, The Other Boleyn Girl, Walk Hard, 10,000 B.C., Bee Movie.

-The first character stills are out from “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”.

– Script reviews are out for both Logan’s Run and White Jazz

– Len Wiseman is officially off the remake of “Escape From New York” and Brett Ratner has been brought in.

-George Lucas talks to MTV News about the Crystal Skull macguffin for the upcoming fourth “Indiana Jones” feature.

-Dame Judie Dench has revealed that she’ll shoot her scenes for “Bond 22” in December.

-Steve Carell has confirmed that original “Get Smart” actress Barbara Feldon was slated to cameo in the upcoming film version, but had to cancel due to schedule conflicts.

-“Smallville” producer Al Gough has emphatically denied that actor Tom Welling has been approached for the “Justice League” movie.

-The Weinstein Company have officially denied reports of a fourth “Scream”.

-Those people holding out hope for an “Ocean’s 14”, don’t hold your breath according to actor Casey Affleck.

-Jamie King and Paz Vega have joined the cast of “The Spirit”. King will portray the hypnotizing Lorelei Rox, a modern-day siren with a voice that could kill. Vega plays the knife-wielding assassin Plaster of Paris.

-David Hasselhoff will star in two further direct-to-video sequels in the “Annaconda” film franchise.

-The new Simpsons videogame has had some of its parodies removed after being requested to do so by other gaming manufacturers – notably a level entitled “Grand Theft Scratchy”.

-Neil Gaiman would love Terry Gilliam to direct an adaptation of his “Sandman” comic.