The Random Spiel: October 26th 2007

New shots are out of the Predalien – an alien and predator hybrid – from “Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem,” another pic of Jet Li at work on “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”, and new stills from Beowulf and Hitman.

-A full-length trailer is out for the seventh season of “24” showing off a “Live Free or Die Hard” esque plot (hackers breaking down infrastructure firewalls) and Tony Almeda as the bad guy. With the action finally out of LA and CTU, things look interesting again.

-Stallone is said to be already in negotiations with Lionsgate to do a fifth Rambo film an his long in-development version Edgar Allan Poe biopic.

-Director Edgar Wright reveals that if they make a “Hot Fuzz” sequel the title will probably be “Hot Fuzz 2: Pigs in the City”. He also confirms that he will direct a trailer for Eli Roth’s “Trailer Trash” project but isn’t sire what the story will be yet.

-“Beowulf” scribe Roger Avery expects a bloodier version of “Beowulf” to be released on DVD.

-Acclaimed artist Neil Gaiman discusses his plans to direct the film adaptation of his “Death: The High Cost of Living.”

-Casting breakdowns are out for the Nicolas Cage-led, Darren Aronofsky directed The Wrestler, and the Richard Kelly-directed The Box.

-You can download the screenplays for many of this year’s Oscar contenders for Universal Pictures and Paramount Vantage.

-Once Nic Cage wraps “The Wrestler”, he’ll be doing the thriler “Vanished” and story details are out.

-The original Sulu, Uhura and Chekov give video interview advice for the new “Star Trek” movie cast and some spoilers for upcoming “Heroes” episodes.

-Edgar Wright confirms that he has just turned in “Ant Man” and considers Simon Pegg’s take on Scotty in “Star Trek”.

-There’s talk of the “Blade” film franchise getting the reboot treatment.

-More “Dallas” casting talk has James Brolin as Jock Ewing, Minka Kelly as Pamela Ewing, Diane Ladd as Ms. Ellie, and Julie Bentz as Sue Ellen Ewing.

-Alexandre Aja speaks of his plans for the remake of “Pirahna”.

-The official site is open for the upcoming “Rambo” sequel

-Selma Blair has given up on plans to play Death in the adaptation of Neil Gaimain’s “Death: The High Cost of Living”.

-Some story spoilers for “Star Trek” says that Kirk doesn’t appear until the second half of the film, the Klingons are battled with, and we see the maiden voyage of the original Enterprise.