The Random Spiel: October 1st 2007

Posters are out for Wall-E, No Country for Old Men, The Informers, The Mist.

-Stills are out from Lions for Lambs, Mad Money, and the set of Blindness.

– Director Justin Lin confirms that he’s pretty much moved on from his plans to remake Korean hit “Oldboy”.

– Joe Carnahan is scripting a film about the San Francisco ‘Zebra Murders’, a series of random attacks committed in the 70s by members of the Nation of Islam. He also recently updated us on the status of “State of Play” and “White Jazz”

– Is Director Tim Burton developing another stop-motion animation project? At Disney?.

– A new website for the J.J. Abrams “1-18-08” movie was found this weekend.

– Eva Mendes talks about her work on the upcoming remake of “The Women” and the Frank Miller directed “The Spirit.”

-The animated title sequence for Mike Nichols “Love in the Time of Cholera” has already gone online.

– Plans are in the works to turn the old John Carpenter thriller “Body Bags” into a TV series.

– Wolfgang Peterson talks about what happened to “Batman vs. Superman” and “Ender’s Game”.