The Random Spiel: October 15th 2007

A new photo is out from the set of Guerilla.

– Does Bryan Singer want Terrence Stamp to reprise the role of Zod in the next “Superman” film?

– As long as she’s sober, Director Brett Ratner would like Lindsay Lohan for his Hugh Hefner Playboy bunnies flick.

Some clips are out from the zombie crime drama pilot “Babylon Fields” which was sadly not picked up.

– Frank Darabont has confirmed that “The Mist” will be a “hard R” and won’t be cut down.

– Along with the Iraq-themed “Imperial Life in the Emerald City”, “Bourne” sequel helmer Paul Greengrass is also mulling the Vietnam War-themed “They Marched into Sunlight”.

– Will Smith is turning his hit romantic comedy “Hitch” into a sitcom which he will produce (but not star in).

– John Leguizamo has confirmed that he’s already started recording voice work for “Ice Age 3” and is up for the role of Cantiflas in a biopic about the Mexican theatre and film industry comedian.

– John August (“The Nines”) has confirmed he is writing and directing a story for the spin-off series “Heroes: Origins”.

– Optimus Prime voice artist Peter Cullen says that he’s heard that two sequels to this year’s “Transformers” are in the works.

– Those involved in this weekend’s vampire horror flick “30 Days of Night” seem quite certain that a sequel will happen.

– The next “Rambo” film’s title looks like it’ll be “John Rambo” yet again.

– A script review of Mike Dougherty’s superb looking “Trick ‘r Treat” is out.

– If this week’s release of “Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour” is a hit, “Sarah Landon and the Shadow People” looks set to roll.

– “Hackers” baddie Fisher Stevens has joined the cast of ABC’s hit “Lost”.

– Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury talk about their plans for the “Hellraiser” remake.

– A detailed breakdown of the animated opening scenes of “Enchanted”.

– The delightfully droll British comedian/host Stephen Fry has begun his own blog.

– “Grindhouse” in double-bill form is finally going to screen in the UK.