The Random Spiel: November 8th 2007

Director Louis Leterrier, Edward Norton and Tim Roth are currently filming “The Incredible Hulk” in Rio de Janeiro and set pics are up at Made in Brazil, EGO and Globo.

– Posters are out from Honeydripper, Juno, Game, The Orphanage, and Conan

-Script reviews are out for The Incredible Hulk, The Box, and Land of the Lost.

– Frank Langella has confirmed that there’s no “Superman” sequel script right now, but it will go into production either in 2008 or 2009.

– Details of the introduction scene of The Joker in “The Dark Knight” reveal much of how the film begins.

– A full synopsis of the upcoming film adaptation of video game “Onimusha”.

– Clive Barker talks about why he’s consented to a remake of his most famous film adaptation, “Hellraiser”.

Photos and video of Jim Carrey at work on the Los Angeles set of comedy “Yes Man”.

– Derek Luke talks about why he wants to play the Green Lantern in the upcoming superhero film.

– An interview about the upcoming “Blade Runner: Final Cut” DVD set brings talk of a possible sequel.

– The official website for “Watchmen” has been updated with a new production blog video giving a look inside the production office.

– Some new concept art is out for the upcoming “Hellboy” sequel.

– The first photo from the upcoming “The Lost Boys” sequel has gone online.

– Yep, a “Point Break” sequel is aiming to begin production around mid-2008.