The Random Spiel: May 29th 2007

Snazzy new international posters for “Transformers” show off three facial close-ups of the robots.

-Now this is how to do movie viral marketing – Judd Apatow has promoted his comedy “Knocked Up” opening this week via video spoof of the infamous David O. Russell/Lily Tomlin “Huckabees” videos that were leaked a few months back.

-“If I had to guess, I’d say Wolverine in ’08 and Magneto in ’09, but it could change” said 20th Century Fox chairman Tom Rothman to XMenFilms.Net. Meanwhile Rebecca Romjin has confirmed that no-one has contacted her about appearing in either film.

-George Lucas himself has confirmed that shooting begins on the fourth “Indiana Jones” next week.

-Alien vs. Predator 2 assistant art director Andrew Li talks about his work on the sequel and reveals some key scenes.

-Some potential plot spoilers are out for “Iron Man” which indicates the Mandarin will only cameo and then serve as a potential sequel villain.

-The producers of “Lost” have talked with E! Online about Wednesday’s shocking finale and the repercussions it will have. SPOILERS ABOUND.

-TV makes up nearly 50% of illegal BitTorrent downloads, with movies a distant second at 15.7%. Porn accounts for only 6% reports TorrentFreak.

-Bill Paxton is working with crime author George Pelecanos to film the hard boiled 70’s style urban western feature “Shoedog”.

-Lindsay. Lohan. Stripping. Don’t think I need to say any more, adjust yourself and click here to see it you silly boy.

-Godfather got the treatment, more recently the finale did “Back to the Future” and now the original “Star Wars” will get the “Family Guy” homage treatment .

-A couple of new photos are up from the increasingly interesting thriller “Transsiberian”.

-“Good Luck Chuck” international teaser posters, which were recently unveiled at Cannes, are now online and involve a sticky Jessica and a quite hot and buff Dane Cook enjoying himself.

-Elisha Cuthbert talks to MTV Movies Blog about the extreme violence in “Captivity” and her next project “My Sassy Girl”.

-Ever wanted to know the seven worst fictional towns in America? Murder She Wrote’s Cabot Cove and Batman’s Gotham City made the list.

-Some interesting script reviews are out for Enchanted, and the rejected Joss Whedon Wonder Woman script.