The Random Spiel: May 10th 2007

There’s been plenty of paparazzi photos, and a new set report, but now the first official photo from Baz Luhrmann’s “Australia” is out and simply click here to see it in high res.

-Lots more images of the robots in disguise in “Transformers” have gone up at Michael Bay’s official site.

-The first footage is out at KeiraWeb from “The Edge Of Love”, Keira Knightley’s new film formerly titled “The Best Time Of Our Lives”.

-More often than not, actors say they don’t use the Internet much. It’s good to see visual proof that one major star is an exception.

-A very impressive newspaper ad for “Stardust” that appeared in The LA Times this weekend is up at Kung Fu Rodeo.

-A script review is out for the Will Smith superhero movie due out next Summer.

-The zombie sequel “Resident Evil: Apocalypse” was so bad even one of the actors in it is happy to slag it off over in a podcast at Horror Junk, whilst the next sequel ‘Extinction’ gets a bland teaser poster.

-Electronic Arts have announced that the first of three Spielberg-created games will debut on the Wii late 2007.

-Natalie Portman will see her life on webcam 24/7 it seems according to Valleywag.

-A fourth “Austin Powers” movie told entirely from the perspective of Dr. Evil? It’s an interesting idea.

-Bruce Willis talks about the upcoming “Live Free or Die Hard” to AICN and confirms it’s PG-13.

-There’s talk at Moviehole that The Weinstein’s have cut “Fletch Won” from their upcoming release schedule.

-The opening, rhyming narration from the script for Rian Johnson’s “The Brothers Bloom” is up at filmick.

-A rundown on the casting for the film version of “In the Electric Mist with the Confederate Dead”.

-Some truly stunning hi-res photos of one fan’s brilliant alternate designs of the old 60’s Enterprise for the “Star Trek” remastered series up at MySpace.

-MTV has launched the MTV Movies Blog which will feature a revolving mix of exclusive news stories, celebrity guests, and an assortment of video clips and candid behind-the-scenes moments.

-Some pretty cool posters are out for the upcoming film adaptation of “Hairspray”.

-Kyra Sedgwick is coming back, with “The Closer” set to begin airing its third season June 18th on TNT.

Photos from the set of “Iron Man” are out showing off the Iron Monger creature.