The Random Spiel: March 3rd 2008

-Posters for Get Smart, Superhero Movie, Wall-E, Fireflies in the Garden, Flawless, Street Kings.

-New videos are out for the horror flick “The Alphabet Killer” by “Wrong Turn” helmer Rob Schmidt (click here), the direct-to-DVD sequel “Starship Troopers 3: Marauder”.

-Guillermo del Toro has hired legendary “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” poster artist Drew Struzan to create a poster for Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Struzan created some unused original art for the first film.

-Interesting character artwork is out for The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man.

-Huey Lewis will record the title theme song for the upcoming Judd Apatow stoner comedy “The Pineapple Express” with Seth Rogen and James Franco.

-Jim Marquand, son of “Return of the Jedi” helmer Richard, has been asked by George Lucas to direct episodes of the upcoming Star Wars live action television series.

-A script review of Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming magical family adventure feature “Shorts”.

– New DVD versions of the “Indiana Jones” films and the trilogy are coming out May 13th, nothing much new and more importantly no word of a Blu-ray edition.

-Julianne Moore will guest star as Bree Van Der Kamp’s sister in a three episode arc, including the season finale, of “Desperate Housewives” this season.

-Some set photos are out for the upcoming Adam Sandler starrer “Bedtime Stories”.