The Random Spiel: March 27th 2007

Are Bruce Willis and Sam Jackson teaming up again for a remake of “Freebie and the Bean”?

-Johnny Depp and Antonio Banderas in consideration for the “Sin City” sequels? Robert Rodriguez talks about the possibility.

-Lots of set photos are popping up including John Rambo, Iron Man & Untitled MIT Gambling Students Project (aka. 21).

-Several new photos are out from “Ocean’s 13”.

-An online webisode from the production of Stephen King’s “The Mist”.

-Matthew Vaughn screened 40 minutes of “Stardust” to UK press the other day, and a full report with details are online.

Sideshow Toy maquettes of Venom show off the villain’s designs for “Spider-Man 3”.

-Composer Mark Mancina talks to Score Notes about the upcoming “August Rush” and recent test screening reaction to it.

-Thanks to the success of the Lego “Star Wars” games, a Lego “Batman” game is in the works and some photos are here.

-Rosario Dawson talks a little more about the upcoming “Sin City” sequel and her even skimpier outfits.

-Tarantino’s re-iterating to E! News that he deserves credit for coming up with the idea of remaking “Casino Royale” because he pitched it and they politely gave him the brush off – no doubt Tarantino’s Bond would be dropping pop culture references and f-bombs every few seconds.