The Random Spiel: March 20th 2007

“Filming will probably begin March, 2008, as was always planned from the beginning. The WWII film Bryan plans to shoot over the summer will have NO EFFECT whatsoever on the Superman sequel schedule” explains Robert Meyer Burnett who handled all the behind-the-scenes material on “Superman Returns”.

-Recent talk of Warners dumping the “Superman” sequel in favour of the “Justice League” movie is being, well offhandedly dismissed by Variety – admittedly though not directly denied.

-David Carradine has some more comments on the status of the “Kung Fu” movie adaptation.

-Vinnie Jones has talked about his starring role as the serial killer in Clive Barker’s upcoming “Meat Train” which begins filming this week.

-Disney confirms that a new US trailer for their upcoming Pixar film “Ratatouille” will hit screens next Friday (3/30) with “Meet the Robinsons” and online that evening at 9:05pm PDT. Check out the official site to get a viral player with the clip.

– Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant have ruled out a third season of cult British comedy hit “Extras” – planning to end the comedy with a one-off special as they did with “The Office”. No word yet on a date.

-An intriguing script review is out for the third “Rush Hour” film.

-Zach Snyder has a video interview about his plans for “Watchmen”

-Want to look as abs-alicious as the men of “300”? Here’s their training regime.

-Much like the upcoming “Star Trek” movie, Rob zombie’s “Halloween” remake will simply be called “Halloween” according to Bloody Disgusting.

-The first set report is up from the set of “Iron Man”

-E! Online has launched two new blogs, The Reel Girl with hot-buttered movie gossip & The Lyons Den involving the Hollywood adventures of E!’s movie guy.

-New international character posters for the upcoming “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer”.

-A cute bio-hazard style poster for “28 Weeks Later”, and what looks to be the final poster for “Shrek the Third”.

-Chris Morris is planning a ‘comedy version’ of “United 93” and has a full casting breakdown.

-Some interesting set pics of Russell Crowe on “3:10 to Yuma” is up at Solace in Cinema.