The Random Spiel: March 14th 2007

Check out some 89 Production Stills from Showest including first looks at “The Accidental Husband”, “Evening”, “The Condemned” and pictured right – the Russell Crowe & Christian Bale western “3:10 to Yuma”.

– The rumoured description of the third “Pirates of the Caribbean” trailer that went up the other day was only 50% correct. An accurate description is now up at IESB.

– Are you concerned about how the villainous Venom will look in the upcoming “Spider-Man 3”? You’re not the only one it seems. Sony has partnered with Veeker to solicit fan opinions about Venom.

Comments from Luc Besson seem to indicate a third “Transporter” would probably be happening around March or April of next year.

– Brandon Routh talks about potential villains in the upcoming “Superman Returns” sequel.

– Warner Bros. is changing the release date of “The Reaping” to Thursday, April 5th.

– Looks like no press screenings are planned for the upcoming “The Hills Have Eyes” sequel.

– The DVD Extras from the just released “Casino Royale” DVD are online.

– Whether it turns out good or bad, film director Bong Joon-ho isn’t fussed about “The Host” remake.

– The cultural advisor to the Iranian President is none too happy with the “300” film’s depiction of the Persians.

– Some splashy photos from the Kevin Costner serial killer thriller “Mr. Brooks” are up at Cinematical.

– “I don’t know. I’ve not heard anything, so maybe it’s not [happening]” says Shia LaBeouf talks about the “Constantine” sequel.

– Ron Perlman says producers Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin pushed hard for him to play The Comedian in “Watchmen”.

– The “Heroes” cast talks about the season finale and where their characters will go at the Paley Fest Festival.

– Check out Jeff Bridges new bald look to play Obadiah Stane in the upcoming “Iron Man”.