The Random Spiel: June 9th 2008

New set photos are out from the Pantheon shoot for Angels and Demons, the Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds comedy The Proposal and some cars that were used in the Nic Cage thriller The Knowing.

-New stills are up from Midnight Meat Train and Changeling.

-The first photo is out of Johanna Wokalek in character costume for the upcoming mini-series “Pope Joan”.

– The first artwork is online from next year’s CG animated featre “The Legend of Spyro” based on the video game series.

– Nicolas Cage is being linked to play Lynch in the upcoming video game adaptation “Kane & Lynch”. Bruce Willis was cast as Kane last week.

– David Duchovny is all keen for further “X-Files” sequels.

– One of Pixar’s animators has allegedly confirmed that the upcoming “Toy Story 3” was to be the last in the series with the on-screen action providing “fitting closure for the characters”.

– The much-hyped poster for upcoming Oliver Stone film “W,” is not legit, a rep for the company tells New York Post’s PopWrap.

– A full casting breakdown for the Gregor Jordan-directed upcoming Samuel L. Jackson thriller “Unthinkable”.

– Seth Rogen has confirmed that there’ll be a Q&A screening of “The Pineapple Express” at Comic-Con, the press junket for the film will also take place in San Diego that weekend.

– Avril Lavigne says of her next film role that “I’ve got a film role coming up — something you wouldn’t expect from me, something deep and dark.”

– “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” has scored an official runtime of 121 minutes.