The Random Spiel: June 30th 2008

Check out some new stills from the Keira Knightley period drama The Edge of Love.

-New posters are up for Saw V, Punisher: War Zone, Quarantine and a possible promo poster for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

-Harry Knowles was the first to see some early footage from JJ Abrams’ “Star Trek” feature, click here to check out his reaction.

-Paramount’s sole representation at this year’s Comic Con will be a “Tropic Thunder” screening says Anne Thompson. With the exception of the Warners panel SDCC looks pretty quiet this year.

-Hans Zimmer and RZA are teaming to score Vin Diesel’s “Babylon A.D.”.

-Here’s a hint that the boffins at Dreamworks are already at work on a “Kung Fu Panda” sequel.

-Disney has picked up Edwin Cannistraci and Frederick Seton’s action comedy script “Mongoose”. The story is being kept under wraps.

– Steve Carrell has commited to a further three seasons of hit sitcom “The Office”.

-A quite interesting interview with the director Mathieu Kassovitz about “Bablyon A.D.” talks about everything from adapting the material to casting.- “Cloverfield” Director Matt Reeves indicates that the sequel for the film isn’t moving along anytime soon and he’s now concentrating on “The Invisible Woman”.

-Jon Voight has confirmed that he’s not involved in the “Transformers” sequel.

-Set photos are out at Spoiler TV of Heather Graham shooting “Son of Morning”.

– An interesting review of J. Michael Straczynski’s script for the “World War Z” adaptation.

-Robert Kurtzman has joined the new Jennifer Lynch project “Nagin”.

-Guillermo del Toro says that once he finishes up work on “The Hobbit” films he’s like to do a third “Hellboy”.

-Fox has confirmed that “24” Season 7 will be a full 24 episodes and that does NOT include the upcoming prequel TV movie.

– A video interview with Doug Jones in costume as The Chamberlain in Hellboy 2. The video also has loads of previously unseen b-roll from the film, provided by Guillermo del Toro himself.