The Random Spiel: June 25th 2008

NOTICE: Due to certain travel arrangements, Thursday’s update has essentially been cancelled, though a few stories may appear up at odd times (ie. very early or very late). Regular updates resume on Friday.

– New posters are up for Diminished Capacity, The Mutant Chronicles, The Spirit, Sixty Six, Blindness, Mirrors, Disater Movie.

– Mike White confirms that he has just finished and handed in a script for a sequel to the Jack Black comedy “School of Rock”.

– Mark Millar says that a sequel is already in the planning stages for “Wanted” but a lot will depend on this weekend’s box-office for the film.

– Pixar is doing a short film entitled “Burn-E” about a robot with that name which will be included as an extra on the “Wall-E” DVD.

– Richard Kelly’s sci-fi thriller “The Box” is tipped to be released on September 11th 2009. A test screening however will take place later this week.

– Warners will release New Line and Ed Harris’s “Appaloosa” on September 17th in limited release. Viggo Mortensen, Renee Zellweger, Harris, Jeremy Irons and Lance Henriksen star.

– With the upcoming SAG strike looming, there’s the possibility that no actors will show up at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

– Woody Allen’s “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” scored a PG-13 rating, meaning the much hyped about threesome scene between Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johannson, and Javier Bardem is extremely tame.

– Have a look at the Spanish Blu-ray steelbook edition artwork for “Iron Man”.

– Frank Miller has updated his blog for “The Spirit” and talks about the level and detail of CGI involvement in the production.

– Ray Wise has confirmed that he completed a table read last Monday for “Jeepers Creepers 3”.

– Some interesting photos from the set of the third season of “Heroes” show Milo Ventimiglia sporting a more severe look.

– What will happen to Stan Winston Studios with the passing of Stan Winston? Quint over at AICN has the details.

– John Landis says that he’d certainly be up for a remake of his classic “An American Werewolf in London”.

– An early review of the scriptment for James Cameron’s upcoming sci-fi actioneer “Avatar”.

– Hamm the Piggy Bank “is a villain in the beginning… [but then] becomes a superhero” says John Ratzenberger about his character in “Toy Story 3”.

– A script review of David Goyer’s draft of “X-Men Origins: Magneto”.

– Sony Pictures has opened a teaser site with the official logo treatment for the Seth Rogen-led film version of “The Green Hornet”.

– Andrew Stanton has given an in-depth interview about the “John Carter of Mars” adaptation.

– Kevin Smith has done a very touching tribute to the great George Carlin.