The Random Spiel: June 18th 2007

The first hi-res photos from the Michael Caine & Jude Law-led remake of “Sleuth” are now out.

– Disney recently launched a cool “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” contest for Comic-Con where they’ve asked people to submit fan artwork that they will print and distribute as a limited edition poster. Think you’ve got the ability? Click Here for more details.

– The first photos are out of Maggie Gyllenhaal and Aaron Eckhart on “The Dark Knight” film set, as are some new Batman photos.

– Assorted pictures of the sets for “Indiana Jones IV” being constructed at Universal Studios in Hollywood are up at Westcoaster and Filmpub.

– The premiere of the Australian thriller “Black Water” (official site) later this year will be unique – plans are to hold it outdoors, over a pit of large crocodiles.

– Blockbuster Video has chosen to go entirely with Blu-ray DVD in most of its retail stores. 250 of them, and the online service, will retain both it and the HD-DVD format.

– Dreamworks have just optioned Neil Gaiman’s “Interworld” with an eye to turn it into a 3D animated feature film.

– A fascinating script review is out for the big screen adaptation of cartoon series “Voltron”.

– Fox has signed on to market “Halo” game properties – make not this has NOTHING to do with the seemingly aborted movie.

– Lorenzo di Bonaventura talks about plans to do to “Beverly Hills Cop” what got done to “Die Hard” – ie. making the fourth entry PG-13.

– The all-star ensemble drama “Evening” will now get a June 29th wide release.

– A world-exclusive feature about Dario Argento’s “The Third Mother” including heaps of new stills and a script review are up at occhisulcinema .

– Details of what to expect on the upcoming “Surf’s Up” DVD can be found at Animated Views.

– A trailer description is out for the upcoming Mike Dougherty horror flick “Trick ‘r Treat”.

– Some audio clips are out from the soundtrack to “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.”

– An interesting discussion with the FX artists handling the 3D aspects of “Beowulf” due later this year.

– Some quite beautiful trivia and concept art from Pixar’s upcoming “Ratatouille” are now online.

– A good quality copy of the real theme song for Michael Bay’s “Transformers” is up at CC, whilst IESB has a complete list of who’s voicing which robot in the feature..

– Next Friday is apparently when filming on the first of Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” gets underway reports DTBlog.