The Random Spiel: July 31st 2007

A teaser poster is out for the adaptation of the video game “Hitman”.

-Fox/Walden’s fantasy feature “The Dark Is Rising” has been renamed “The Seeker: The Dark is Rising.”

-The scheduled “The Dark Knight” panel at Wizard World in Chicago may not happen reports Batman on Film. The Gotham Police File for The Joker is online.

-Frank Darabont talks differences in the “Indiana Jones IV” script to MTV. He also confirms that he is going to helm Stephen King’s “The Long Walk” once he has completed “Fahrenheit 451.”

-Julie Gardner talks to iF Magazine about the fourth season of “Doctor Who” and second season of “Torchwood. “

-Audi’s R8 supercar, S5 sports coupe, A6 sedan and Q7 SUV will make onscreen appearances in next year’s “Iron Man” thanks to a new marketing deal with Paramount.

-Peter Segal talks about his plans for the “Shazam!” comic adaptation to Coming Soon.

-The trailer for “Walk Hard” is set to debut with “Superbad” in theaters August 17th.

-Some hidden 1-18-08 pictures have been discovered at the official site.

-The guys behind the upcoming video game “The Bourne Conspiracy” talk about the links between it and the Matt Damon film series.