The Random Spiel: July 2nd 2007

Some interesting billboard photos are out of the characters in the upcoming “Beowulf”.

-Script reviews are out for the upcoming new versions of both Street Fighter and Escape from New York.

– David Cronenberg’s new Viggo Mortensen and Naomi Watts thriller “Eastern Promises” is scheduled to go into wide release on September 14th.

– A pseudo official site is already up for “Iron Man” and another for “Watchmen”.

-Milos Forman has dismissed claims of an Amarillo Slim biopic.

-Jon Favreau is making a cameo in Iron Man as a Caesar’s Palace security guard.

-New posters are out for The Bourne Ultimatum, Shoot ‘Em Up and Iron Man.

-Pics of action figures of the Alien/Predator hybrid in “AVP2” are at Rope of Silicon.

– Eleven clips, on set interviews and 13 minutes of behind the scenes footage from “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” are up at IESB.Net.

-Producer Alison Rosenzweig is planning to remake the Tim Robbins mindf**k classic “Jacob’s Ladder.”

-Ghost House Pictures and FEARnet are teaming for new short films based on one of the popular 30 Days of Night comics by Steven Niles.