The Random Spiel: July 25th 2007

New photos are out for John Rambo, Leatherheads, Beowulf and the set of John Hancock.

-Paramount seems to have registered domain TheMonstrousMovie.Com as part of the “1-18-08” publicity push.

-New one-sheets are up for 3:10 to Yuma, Dragon Wars, Bee Movie,

Dedication, Death Sentence, Righteous Kill, Gone Baby Gone,

The Spiderwick Chronicles and Illegal Tender.

– The title for Bryan Singer’s “Valkyrie” may have been changed to “Rubicon” says X-Realms.

-A script review is out for the upcoming film adaptation of Mark Millar’s “Wanted”

-Dennis Gassner will serve as production designer on the next James Bond film reports MI6.

-Roddy Piper has revealed in the latest Empire Magazine that director John Carpenter was in discussions with the Sci-Fi Network to adapt his 1980s film “They Live” into a TV series.

-Details of this season’s guest stars on “The Simpsons” are up at Zap2It.

-A “Troll” remake is in the works with the original director attached, see what he has to say about it.

Further details on the new feature film incarnations of classic CG series “Reboot”.

-Todd McFarlane talks as usual about his plans for a “Spawn” film sequel.

-Ignoring the lawsuits, the company behind “Terminator 4” talk about story possibilities to iF Magazine.

-John Turturro and Steve Busemi talk about a potential sequel to comedy hit “The Big Lebowski.”

-Executive Producer Carol Barbee says that the cast is ready to head into production on more episodes, if the upcoming seven-episode “Jericho” second season rates well.

-Artist David Bonneywell has started giving weekly journal updates about his involvement with “Hellboy 2” shooting in Hungary.

-A sequel to British horror thriller “The Descent” is planned, and already has a title – “The De2cent.”

-The four “Futurama” Direct-To-DVD movies will be entitled “Bender’s Big Score!,” “Bender’s Game,” “Into the Wild Green Yonder” and “The Beast with a Billion Backs.”

-Some new artwork is out from “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian”.

-Joe Carnahan has confirmed that he’s currently at work on the prequel script to “Smokin’ Aces”.