The Random Spiel: July 13th 2007

The first official still is out of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet together in Sam Mendes’ “Revolutionary Road”.

– Set photos are up here and here from the Woody Allen Spanish Project in Barcelona; photos showing Keanu Reeves and Amaury Nolasco on “The Night Watchman” at Just Jared; and a glimpse at Gary Oldman and Chris Nolan on “The Dark Knight” set is up at Superhero Hype.

– Mark Ryan, who voices Bumblebee in the film “Transformers,” tells SKNR that he recently recorded more material for the DVD release of the film that “has to do with the prequel that will set up the second film.”

-Latest wild “Indiana Jones IV” theories include the return of the Ark of the Covenant over at AICN, and the discovery of the Xi’an Great White Pyramid says The Movie Scorecard

– Some truly beautiful posters for the upcoming “The Golden Compass” are up at Cinematical.

-Into muscular toy men? Sadly the current status of both G.I. Joe and Sgt. Rock doesn’t sound too hopeful.

-Vin Diesel’s debut feature “Strays” is to be released on August 14th 2007 through First Look Studios

-Two 11-year-old red-haired children will play two new minor characters who are not culled from JK Rowling’s sixth novel “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” in the film adaptation which begins shooting in September.

-If he can’t so “Spider-Man 4,” it’s likely Sam Raimi will be choosing between either “The Grays” or “No Man’s Land” as his next project says Latino Review.

-Linking to a piece on Travis Knight, the lead animator on Coraline, Neil Gaiman confirms that the film is being shot digitally and in stereo vision.

-Despite no release yet, a February date is being targeted for a “Hatchet” sequel says Dread Central.

-Word on local radio station 91ZM this morning was that Will Smith may be headed to New Zealand to film a movie in a former prison.

-Alec Baldwin is thoroughly disowning his directorial effort “Shortcut to Happiness”, going so far as to utterly diss the film upon its release.

-New stills are out from John Rambo, 30 Days of Night, Catacombs, Doomsday, The Kingdom.

-Dissatisfied with “Grindhouse”? Check out A Little Cyn for something different.

-Yet another site to add to the 1-18-08 debate –

-Kevin Smith is raving about Ben Affleck’s directorial debut “Gone Baby Gone”.