The Random Spiel: January 31st 2007

An apparent short synopsis for a fourth “Saw” movie reads “You will be completely shocked when you see what Jeff and his daughter have to endure in the film. Actor, song writer, and rapper Ja Rule has also been cast to star in the films opening scene on the first day of shooting in Toronto in March”.

– “I would like to very much. It’s down to decisions made in offices somewhere in Los Angeles. I’m waiting for a script. Keep your fingers crossed” says Brendan Fraser tp Sci-Fi Wire about doing the upcoming third “Mummy” movie.

Poltergeistiii says that according to a Senior VP at MGM, something new with the “Poltergeist” franchise is in the works. A remake perhaps?.

– Ice Cube comedy sequel “Are We Done Yet” will be renamed “Are We Home Yet” in some international territories.

– Posters are out for: I Think I Love My Wife and Dead Silence.

– New stills are out from the Neil Gaiman fantasy Stardust, the Jim Carrey drama The Number 23, and the Russian fantasy sequel Day Watch.

– This is pretty flash, an interactive timeline for the upcoming “Zodiac” serial killer movie.

– Kristen Bell talks about the end of “Veronica Mars”.

– Lots of on-set shots of Michelle Yeoh and Sean Bean filming the Asif Kapadia-directed drama “True North” are online.

– The season finale of “Dirt” will feature Jennifer Aniston as a lesbian who will kiss Courtney Cox full on the mouth – “Friends” fantasies ignite reports WMJX 106.7 FM.

– The second official photo from “Ocean’s 13” looks downright strange.

– Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton are looking to team up in a sitcom called “Action News” where they play news anchors reports WMJX 106.7 FM.

– Some interesting artwork is out from “Bridge to Terabithia”.

– James Marsters (Spike from “Buffy”) will guest star on an upcoming episode of “Supernatural”.

– Watch all of Fox’s primetime shows online and in high quality for free at MySpace.