The Random Spiel: January 2nd 2007

“The Water Horse” director Jay Russell has revealed storyboards from his upcoming fantasy pic at his official MySpace blog.

-Joe Carnahan has released the draft of the Smokin’ Aces screenplay which secured the deal with Universal. The finalised film is quite different including a different ending.

-20th Century Fox is set to debut Uwe Boll’s $60 million “In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale” in Germany next Summer. No US distributor is yet set.

-Kurt Russell talks in detail about loads of missing footage from his modern classic “Tombstone”.

-The first few minutes of the new Highlander The Source film up at .

-A rather cool dual poster for the Rodriguez/Tarantino dual feature “Grindhouse” has gone online.

-Some interesting set pics from the upcoming “I Am Legend” have gone up at AICN.

-In a new chapter in his award winning web blog series, Kevin Smith has revealed that he spent five days shooting scenes for the upcoming Die Hard film.

-Confused about the Grindhouse site? Here are some navigation tips.

-JTAC will produce a television series about Mulan, something far more faithful to the original ancient poem.

-Talia Shire talks to USA Today about why she didn’t participate in “Rocky Balboa”.