The Random Spiel: January 18th 2007

The first shot from Pixar’s “Wall-E” scheduled to hit cinemas June 2008 has gone online.

– Director Rob Zombie is rumoured to be putting off production on the “Halloween” remake for a little while in order to rewrite the script. The news comes as it was expected he was about to announce Lindy Booth (TV’s “The 4400”, “Dawn of the Dead”) to be playing Laurie Strode.

– Jon Faverau updates everyone on the “IRon Man” status. The short of it? All proceeding as planned.

– Some must-see flashy looking sketches are out from the upcoming “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”.

– An insider at Warner has confirmed a direct-to-video sequel to “New Jack City” is in the works. It is based on a spec called “LBC”, from writers Sean O’Keefe and Will Staples.

– David Koepp talks about his work on the Indiana Jones IV script, sadly he doesn’t reveal anything short of the fact he won’t be repeating one-liners.

– Some nice media this week with a first look photo from the “Alien vs. Predator” sequel.

– Some sweet concept art for what “Iron Man” could look like.

– The first official piece of poster art for “The Mutant Chronicles” and the same for “Underdog”.

– Smallville’s Al Gough talks a bit about tonight’s Justice League style episode and denies rumors of a Green Arrow spin off series.

– So what was the deal with that “Ghostbusters” video game footage? IGN confirms it’s real but has been put on hold.