The Random Spiel: January 11th 2007

Some very impressive and moody character banners for “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” have gone online.

-“24” creator Robert Cochran mentioned that a “24” movie was likely to get slapped together near the end of the series, meaning those plans of a shoot this Spring in Europe seem unfounded.

– Aussie hunk Ryan Kwanten (“Flicka”, TV’s “Summerland”) is tipped to be the favourite for a leading role in Alan Ball’s quirky HBO barmaid meets vampire drama “True Blood”.

-“Neither I, nor Jason Bateman, nor Amanda Peet have any time right now to go out and promote the movie” says Zach Braff on why his new film “Fast Track” was pushed back three months for a March release.

-Halle Berry is seeking fan support in order to get a fourth “X-Men” movie made.

-Joe Carnahan says many of the cut scenes from “Smokin’ Aces” will make it to a Directors Cut DVD, including multiple alternate endings.

-A full frontal look at the new Megatron is up at TFW2005, as is a full frontal of Barricade.

– Check out the press release for the fourth “Indiana Jones” film.

Rotten Tomatoes has voted “The Queen” as the most positively reviewed film of the year, and “Casino Royale” as the most positively reviewed wide release film of the year.

-“TMNT” Director Kevin Munroe is finishing up that new CG-animated Turtles movie and talks about his plans for the “Battle of the Planets” movie.

-The producers of the upcoming “Friday the 13th” remake talk about their plans for the franchise.