The Random Spiel: December 17th 2007

Photos are out from Babylon A.D. and the set of The X-Files 2.

-Posters are out for Speed Racer, Meet the Spartans, Prom Night, 10,000 BC, Horton Hears a Who and Jumper.

-A script review is up for the film adaptation of the fun apocalyptic zombie book “World War Z.”

-Joe Carnahan confirms that Universal has put the “Smokin Aces” direct-to-DVD prequel on hold until the writers strike is over, whilst the studio’s budget estimates came in at $17 million – very similar to the original theatrical film so some cutting will be needed.

-It’s official, Jessica Simpson’s latest movie is such a stinker it’s being released direct to DVD says Perez Hilton.

-Principal photography on the upcoming “The Punisher: War Zone” has wrapped according to Superhero Hype.

-ABC will premiere the much anticipated fourth season of “Lost” on Thursday, January 31st at 9pm, and has given the prime post-Lost slot to its new comedic drama “Eli Stone” which will premiere the same night.

-“My Name is Earl” and “30 Rock” will broadcast their potential final 2007-08 season episodes on Thursday, January 10th.

-On Friday afternoon CBS Interactive announced surprise cutbacks across the company including firing the entire team behind