The Random Spiel: December 13th 2007

It’s official, the new Knight Rider’s KITT is a Shelby GT5 and a press release along with photos of the cast members and the new car to be featured in the upcoming telemovie/backdoor pilot.

-The first set photos are up of Mark Wahlberg at work shooting Peter Jackson’s adaptation of the novel “The Lovely Bones”.

– The first photos are out from the Tarantino produced bikie flick Hell Ride.

-Jeffrey Dean Morgan talks extensively about his role as the Comedian in Zack Snyder’s upcoming adaptation of the Alan Moore comic “Watchmen”.

-Jason Schwartzman talks about his work in Wes Anderson’s puppet-led adaptation of “The Fantastic Mr. Fox”.

-Eric Roberts says that director Christopher Nolan chose not to stay entirely true to the comic book version of Salvatore Maroni in the upcoming “The Dark Knight.”

-Director Francis Ford Coppola talks about his upcoming new feature “Youth Without Youth”.

-A concept teaser for the award-winning feature length screenplay “Donovan’s Echo” has just been released online. Awarded Bronze in the 2007 Page International Screenwriting Awards in Hollywood, the project was co-written by Jim Cliffe director of the San Diego Comic-Con award-winning short film “Tomorrow’s Memoir”.

-Want to spend a day on the set of the new Leonardo DiCaprio-led thriller “Blink” with Director Stephen Gaghan (“Abandon”)? An auction for that opportunity is up and so place your bid now.

-Sci-Fi scribe Harlan Ellison has confirmed that the time travelling Guardian of Forever from the classic “Star Trek” episode he penned will NOT appear in J.J. Abrams upcoming “Star Trek” film reinvention.

-Ron Moore has talked about DS9 star Nana Visitor’s role on the upcoming fourth season of “Battlestar Galactica” as well as a new incarnation of Number Six.