The Random Spiel: August 8th 2007

The official site for the Hayden Christensen sci-fi drama “Jumper” has gone online.

– With “Die Hard” & “Rambo” resurrected, why not Riggs & Murtaugh? Offers are apparently out again to Mel Gibson for a “Lethal Weapon 5”.

– Filmmaker/actor Paul Birchard, who has his own project about to screen, has interesting take on how Heath Ledger is playing The Joker.

-“We’re doing a movie together and he thinks it’s going to be my best yet” says Vinnie Jones of Quentin Tarantino to The Daily Mail. He’s likely referring to “Inglorious Bastards”.

– Weta Workshop are contributing visual effects to the horror film/comic adaptation “Darkchylde.”

– “Fight Club” author Chuck Palahniuk says that the “Choke” film adaptation will be shot for 25 days, has a $3-4 million budget and he cameos in an airplane scene.

– Is the Grindhouse “Machete” project dead? Danny Trejo doesn’t think so.

– An early review of the Jake Gyllenhaal & Reese Witherspoon thriller “Rendition” is up at CinCity2000.

– A video first look at “The Avengers Reborn” and some further story details are up at IESB.Net.

– The premiere dates for NBC’s new Fall shows is now up at Break Out Media.

– John from Cincinatti is almost certainly not going to be renewed for a second season.

– McFarlane Toys has previewed the upcoming action figures inspired by Paramount’s “Beowulf.”

– “300” has sold more than 250,000 copies to consumers on HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc – making it the fastest and highest-selling high definition title in the market.

– Some on-set photos from the set of the Anna Faris comedy “House Bunny.”

– A script review of the Kate Beckinsale thriller “Whiteout” is out.