The Random Spiel: August 16th 2007

New photos are out from Hitman, Resident Evil: Extinction, Flood and the set of John Hancock.

– Script reviews are out for Voltron, Speed Racer, Gears of War and Wolverine.

– Posters are out for Enchanted, Pathology, and Grace is Gone.

-Katie Holmes is another potential candidate for the “Wonder Woman” film.

– Bollywood beauty and former Celebrity Big Brother star Shilpa Shetty is being rumored to appear as a Bond girl in the next 007 film.

– Wes Anderson’s upcoming comedy “The Darjeeling Limited” will be preceded by the 12-minute short “Hotel Chevalier” which serves as a prequel to the main feature.

– Check out the new video with interviews and footage from the set of the fourth “Indiana Jones” movie.

– Some cool pre-production footage has been released from “The Golden Compass” film adaptation in the works.

– More details on that “The Scorpion King” prequel to begin shooting in October is up at Moviehole.

– Think you’ve got a good idea for a title to the “Smokin’ Aces” prequel? Enter this competition and you might win.

– They’ve had Sulu, now Uhura herself – Nichelle Nichols – is set to be guest starring on NBC’s “Heroes”

– With details of the game tie-in for the “Alien vs. Predator” sequel released, details of the film’s plot have been garnered over at SKNR.Net.

Full details are out for the HD-DVD of “Battlestar Galactica: Season One”.

-An interesting audio interview with British writer/director Lawrence Pearce about his independent vampire film “Night Junkies.”

– Actresses Danielle Harris and Scout Taylor Compton talk about their involvement in the “Halloween” remake.