The Random Spiel: April 5th 2007

Check out Samuel L. Jackson’s rather odd new look as the villain in Doug Liman’s upcoming sci-fi tale “Jumper”.

– If you’ve got a good eye you can see some very blurry pre-production art from the upcoming James Cameron flick “Avatar”.

– Alan Schoolcraft and Brent Simons are busy working on a sequel to “Small Soldiers” for DreamWorks.

– “House of 1000 Corpses” actor Sid Haig will be helming “Wittenberg”, a reality TV-themed psychological thriller that will begin shooting in May.

– The 007 stage on England’s most famous studio lot, Pinewood Studios, is back in business and with a snazzy new website which holds some great promise.

– Despite the Jolie & Weisz linking rumours, the big star of the upcoming “Sin City” sequel is being kept secret for now.

– “That absolutely is not true and will never happen. Not with me anyway” Halle Berry says of a potential X-Men Storm spin-off movie.

– It’s a little barren, but it gets the point across – the first teaser one-sheet for “The Bourne Ultimatum”.

– The second webisode for Frank Darabont’s upcoming Stephen King adaptation “The Mist”.

– A blog review which saw footage from upcoming “Doctor Who” episodes seem to confirm John Simm as The Master.

– Filming commenced on March 27th on “Hit Man” and will continue in and around the the Bulgarian capital of Sofia for 12 weeks before moving on to locations in South Africa, St. Petersburg and London says Digital Spy.

– Some story details are out on the Cabin Fever sequel, the remake of Death Race 3000, and the very cool sounding Hellboy 2: The Golden Army.

– Joe Carnahan talks a little more about his failed plans for the third “Mission: Impossible”.

– New stills are out from: Transsiberian, Shoot ‘Em Up and Redline.