The Random Spiel: April 3rd 2008

Images for Hellboy II: Golden Army, Valkyrie, Speed Racer, Iron Man, Tennessee, Mama I Want To Sing, and Matt Damon on the set of Paul Greengrass’ The Green Zone.

-Posters for Pineapple Express, The Spirit, Where in the World is Osama…, Speed Racer, Iron Man, Agora.

-Script reviews are out for Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell, and the planned film adaptation of the horror novel World War Z.

– George Lucas doesn’t seem very enthusiastic about the upcoming “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. Meanwhile Production Designer Guy Dyas says that the visual effects will be about 30% CGI, mostly background extensions and such, with almost everything practical.

– Producer Mike DeLuca offers up some updates on how the films “Metal Gear Solid,” “Dracula Year Zero,” “The Hands of Shang-Chi,” “The Game,” “Hammer Down,” “Priest,” and “This Present Darkness” are progressing.

– Some casting and plot details for Bruce Willis’s upcoming sci-fi action thriller “The Surrogates”.

– “Rome” actor Ray Stevenson has given a new interview about starring in the title role for the new” Punisher: War Zone” movie.

– A direct-to-DVD sequel to the heavily panned Matthew Lillard/Dax Shepard comedy “Without a Paddle” is in the works.

– A casting call for “Crank 2” reveals that producers need someone to play young Chev (young Statham) and Chev’s mother.

– A slickly modified flip version of iPhone is being used as the new communicator for the young crew of the USS Enterprise.

– How will ex-“Beverly Hills 90210” stars be incorporated into the new Rob Thomas-created 90210 series? – They’ll ‘guest star’ as clients of Celia Mills, the show’s resident ‘trainer’ who whips the parents of BHHS students into shape says Moviehole.

– Some story details about the fourth “Terminator” feature are out with details of how it connects to “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” series.

– Filming on Michael Bay’s sequel to “Transformers” looks to be getting underway in Sedona, Arizona sometime soon.

– Kevin Spacey is looking to produce three more of Ben Mezrich’s nonfiction books, his first “Bringing Down The House” forming the basis of last week’s opener “21”. First up will be “Rigged”.

– A complete list of the movie events at the upcoming New York City Comic Con.