The Random Spiel: April 29th 2007

The first photo of Natalie Portman in “My Blueberry Nights” is out – from the looks of it the collar no longer match the cuffs.

JustJared has posted the first photos of the Clark Gable/Errol Flynn fusion look that Hugh Jackman is sporting on the set of Baz Luhrmann’s epic “Australia”

-Familiar with that tight and awkward feeling that comes with constipation? Judging by the artwork for this new DVD edition, Robocop does too.

-Warner Bros. has posted high-resolution versions of the behind the scenes images we saw from “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” last week.

-It’s not an April Fools anymore, seems Pixar and “The Incredibles” director Brad Bird are looking into a live-action film.

-You can free and legally download the John Travolta/Salma Hayek thriller “Lonely Hearts” over on AOL.

Hollywood Elsewhere reports that Emanuelle Lubezki is to be the cinematographer for the Coen Bros. film “Burn Before Reading” which films this autumn.

-Two weeks of reshoots just got under way on “The Golden Compass” reports Filmick.

-Fox has come up with an inventive “The Simpsons Movie” in-theatre promo – a full-size, 3D family on the couch which you can sit alongside and pose in photos for. Shots are up at Filmick.

-Lee Arenberg, who plays Pintel in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies; talks about working with Keith Richards and Johnny Depp, and the future of the franchise.

-Gillian Anderson answers recent claims she hated her time on “The X-Files” with this succinct and very smart post on her blog.