The Random Spiel: April 24th 2008

Posters are out for Igor, Wanted, Baghead, The Strangers, and Outlander.

-Set photos are out of Evan Rachel Wood and Larry David on the set of Woody Allen’s new film at Just Jared, and Megan Fox on the set of “Jennifer’s Body” at STYD.

-Brendan Fraser has filmed a cameo appearance as Gung Ho in Stephen Sommer’s “G.I. Joe” movie. The character gets to ride a “three wheeled motorcycle”.

-Uma Thurman says that Quentin Tarantino is currently working on a new anime sequence to be included in the long in development definitive DVD edition of “Kill Bill”. It’s known that the scene will NOT revolve around her Bride character.

-Brandon Routh indicates that he hopes to be shooting Superman: The Man of Steel early next year.

-“Back to the Future” writer/producer Bob Gale confirms that Universal is working on a Blu-ray release of at least the first film in that series, going so far as to confirm he was involved in the re-mastering of the film in readiness for the release.

-The first photo of the cast for the seventh season of “24” starting next January is out.

-Al Gore has said that he would make a sequel to “An Inconvenient Truth”, but a Paramount spokesperson has said no official plans are in the works.

-A 109-second trailer for “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” will be attached to copies of “Iron Man” next week. The actual film’s final runtime has also been confirmed – 123 minutes.

-The first photos are up of rapper Xzibit in his role in “The X-Files: I Want to Believe”.