The Random Spiel: April 22nd 2007

The first photo is out of Naomi Watts and Viggo Mortensen in David Cronenberg’s “Eastern Promises.”

– William Fichtner will have a small role as a bank manager in “The Dark Knight” reports Batman-on-Film.

– Spider-Man 3 director Sam Raimi confirmed that Sony Pictures is doing a 4th, 5th and 6th installment of the popular “Spider-Man” franchise.

– Shooting at Mount Rushmore on “National Treasure: The Book of Secrets” have been cancelled due to rain.

– Matt Damon has been rumoured to be in talks to star as The Green Arrow in David Goyer’s “SuperMax”.

– British Airways are editing Richard Branson’s cameo in “Casino Royale” out of its in-flight movies.

– Rachel Weisz dropped out of “The Mummy 3” due to the bad script claims The IESB.

– David Goyer talks about his involvement on the upcoming remake of Cronenberg’s “Scanners”.

– A look at the creatures of the upcoming sequel “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.”

– 33-year-old Ioan Gruffudd says that in 7-10 years time, when he’s aged (and buffed up) a bit more and Daniel Craig is sick of playing James Bond, he’d love to have a go.

– “The Birds” remake will have an environmental cause behind why the Birds turn vicious in the Hitchcock redux.

Scenes are up from Lucy Liu lesbian vamnpiure movie “Rise: The Blood Hunter”.

– Germany is set to get “Grindhouse” in two parts with Death Proof on July 26th and Planet Terror on August 23rd. Much of the rest of Europe will likely happen around the same time.

– Terry Gilliam revealed that he is indeed working on the script for his Don Quixote movie.