The Random Spiel: April 18th 2008

New posters for Hellboy II: The Golden Army, The Spirit, You Don’t Mess With The Zohan and Rogue.

– Check out some motion capture suits and warning signs for James Cameron’s “Avatar”. Sigourney Weaver has also talked about her role.

– An extensive breakdown and review of the script for a “Gladiator” sequel that Nick Cave (“The Proposition”) wrote and which Crowe spoke very highly of (even paying for it out of his own pocket).

– Producer Brad Fuller not only confirms but seems damn proud of the fact the studios upcoming “Friday the 13th” will be a very bloody and sex-filled R-rated romp.

– Meagan Good has been cast in a supporting role in “Saw V”. Megan will be playing the role of LUBA, a city planner who comes from a very wealthy family.

– Uwe Boll has accused Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg of using fake identities to bump up the number of signatures on the petition to stop him from making movies.

– Michael Stahl-David talks about whether he would come back for a “Cloverfield” sequel and how it’d be pulled off.

– A casting breakdown of the Lindsay Lohan-led “Manson Girls” is out, detailing the plot and characters of the Charles Manson biopic.

– Harrison Ford hasn’t ruled out working on a film with wife Claista Flockhart, and might consider a fifth installment of “Indiana Jones”.

– Lots of audio clips from Michael Giacchino’s “Speed Racer” score are now online.

– The April 25th issue of Empire Magazine will have “the world’s first fully 3D cover” featuring The Incredible Hulk.

– ABC has launched LOSTscape, an immersive environment where fans can explore and interact with iconic items from the hit series “LOST.” Fans can also view 34 clips from the show and sneak peeks of upcoming original episodes.

– Jason Segel has talked some more about his plans for “The Muppets” movie.

– Marvel Comics has signed a deal to turn The Black Panther character into a primetime animated series for BET starting early next year.

– French horror director Alexandre Aja talks about his ambitious plans for the R-Rated 3D horror flick remake “Pirahna”.

– “I think after a few of these franchises have done a few movies, they can team them up for an Avengers movie” says Jon Favreau in a recent interview.

– Rupert Everett is set to direct his first film about the last three years of Oscar Wilde’s life and is trying to secure $12 million in financing for the project.

– Directors Steven Speilberg and George Lucas talk about the effect that the internet spoiler has had on cinema.

– JAG” star David James Elliott has been tapped to star in the four-hour disaster miniseries “Impact” which begins shooting this month in Vancouver.

– 138 acres above and to the left of the famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles have been put up for sale for $22 million.

– The Golden Compass has now grossed $300 million overseas meaning the possibility of The Subtle Knife is still open says Box-Office Mojo.