The Random Spiel: April 18th 2007

A quick thanks to everyone who remembered my 29th birthday last weekend and the notes of thanks. Hard to believe that I’m not far off the big third decade, and more importantly I’ve been doing this site for ten years.

– “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” is officially confirmed to have a 170 minute runtime – 30 mins longer than ‘Black Pearl’, 20 mins longer than ‘Dead Man’s Chest’.

– JJ Abrams finally goes on the record about his upcoming “Star Trek” film and confirms James T. Kirk will appear.

– “I don’t know, I kind of liked it” says Tobey Maguire about his reaction to “Spider-Man 3”. Sums up my feeling about the second one really.

-“Audiences aren’t stupid. It’d be a big flop without me, Tobey, or Sam” says an overconfident Kirsten Dunst about the potential success of a fourth “Spider-Man” to Entertainment Weekly.

– Frank Darabont has some not so pleasant things to say about how he got shafted over the “Indiana Jones IV” project.

– Eva Marie Saint has confirmed she is signed on for any “Superman Returns” sequel that’s planned.

– Thomas Jane says he’s still keen on doing a “Punisher” sequel.

– Rosamund Pike has revealed that she filmed a sex scene with Ryan Gosling for the thriller “Fracture” that was so explicit it was cut. Thank the gods for Unrated DVDs.

AOL Movies have done a fun column on movie characters crushes in which yours truly weighs in on a certain secret agent.

– Sarah Michelle Gellar has officially denied involvement in the upcoming “The Dark Knight”.

– One of four major characters will meet their demise before this season of “Smallville” ends and the shortlist is up at Comics 2 Film. Seeing as it’s certainly not Clark or Lex, that leaves only two possibles.

– Dean Wellins is set to serve as co-director on Walt Disney Pictures’ upcoming animated feature “Rapunzel”.

– The first of several set reports for “Trick ‘r Treat” is live at Dread Central with exclusive pics.