The Random Spiel: April 10th 2007

The official one-sheet is out for “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” – click the link above for a high-res version.

– Joe Carnahan has given a truly extensive and in-depth interview about his plans for “White Jazz” and his script “Killing Pablo” over at Cinematical.

– A fascinating article is up on legendary actor/director Peter Bogdanovich’s attempts to complete Orson Welles unfinished final film.

Cinema Blend reports that Tom Hanks has been officially locked to reprise his role as Dr. Robert Langdon in “Angels & Demons” for the “largest salary” ever paid to an actor.

– Jason Schwartzman will cameo as Kirsten Dunst’s on-stage Broadway duet partner in a scene in “Spider-Man 3”

– “TMNT” director Kevin Munroe talked recently about Triceratons, recasting Splinter and a potential Rat King appearance if a sequel goes ahead.

– Crazy unconfirmed casting rumours this week include: “Ong-Bak” star and Thai martial arts expert Tony Jaa in the upcoming fourth “Indiana Jones” film, James Caan as the U.S. President in the “Get Smart” movie, and Johnny Depp in a film adaptation of J.P Donleavy’s “The Gingerman”.

– “Dungeons & Dragons” director Courtney Solomon is planning what he describes as a “zombie version of Underworld”.

– Baz Luhrmann plans on setting up special days during production of “Australia” where tourists will be allowed to come and watch the feature get made from public galleries.

– Producer Ivan Reitman has confirmed that a new draft of the “Old School 2” script has just been submitted and will likely be what they’ll use for the film.

– Uwe Boll is doing a Vietnam War movie entitled “Tunnel Rats” and has been interviewed about the project.

– David Tennant says that he wants to be a Bond baddie.

– Sigourney Weaver talks about her green screen work for James Cameron’s “Avatar” with New York Observer.

– The upcoming musician biopic spoof “Walk Hard” has a 10-year-old ghost as a character according to filmick.

– A quite interesting review is out for Grant Morrison’s film script which adapts acclaimed comic “We3”.

– The writers and editor of “Torchwood” talk about their plans for the second season of the hit British sci-fi series.

– The one-sheet is out for Zach Braff’s upcoming comedy “The Ex”.

– A rather spectacular animated Hostel II poster is online, wonder how many will hit theatres.

– Take a look at Bumblebee’s face from “Transformers”.

– Dark Ride Director Craig Singer has revealed that Lionsgate are interested in him making a sequel and he is currently working on the script.