The Raid Remake To Be An Ensemble Piece?

The upcoming American remake of the Indonesian action thriller “The Raid” sounds like it could be quite different to its predecessor.

The original film is kind of famous for its spartan approach. Character development and narrative complexity is kept to a minimum in favor of a high-concept, fast pace and brutal series of action set pieces. The cast is also kept pretty tight with only five or six key characters and about a dozen non-speaking background characters who kick far more than they speak.

In an interview for Grantland, the remake’s director Patrick Hughes says his version is more an ensemble piece in the vein of “Black Hawk Down” and “Zero Dark Thirty,” and he’s casting the twelve integral roles of the film’s ensemble with the aim of shooting early next year. He says “After that, I’m pretty sure I won’t do a movie with ensembles, camouflage, and guns for a while.”

This raises the question, what kind of changes will take place? This year’s “The Raid 2: Berandal” went in the opposite direction of its predecessor – opening up the scale and throwing in a huge array of characters in a complicated weaving narrative. At last report the remake is set in the near future and includes the likes of Taylor Kitsch and Frank Grillo. Is the remake trying to blend that film’s more epic crime saga flavour with the original’s ball-kicking simplicity? We’ll know in either late 2015 or 2016.