The Raid Remake Loses Almost Everyone

The in development U.S. remake of hit Indonesian action flick “The Raid” looks to have stalled – so badly that it may not get started up again.

At last report Screen Gems was developing the film with director Patrick Hughes (“The Expendables 3”) to helm the project and with Taylor Kitsch and Frank Grillo playing the major roles.

Today, The Tracking Board reports that all but Grillo are now out – Kitsch & Hughes have apparently walked away from it, and Screen Gems has decided they will no longer distribute the film leaving producer XYZ Films without distribution.

Back in August Frank Grillo said they were having difficulty casting a critical character for the project and seemed to suggest the film was likely to be delayed but would still go forward.

The story centers on a special-ops SWAT force tasked with infiltrating a high-rise that’s been taken over by a drug lord and his dangerous crew. Gareth Evans helmed the brutal 2011 original film and its 2014 sequel which both earned rave reviews.