“The Punisher” S2 Viewers Drop Sharply

The Punisher S2 Viewers Drop Sharply

In the wake of three of their other Marvel shows being cancelled, Netflix’s second season of “The Punisher” and third season of “Jessica Jones” airing this year are now widely expected to be their final seasons.

The second season of “The Punisher” launched last week and sadly it looks like its fate has been sealed. While Netflix doesn’t release viewing figures, a new report from analytics firm Jumpshot indicates viewership for the first weekend of the new season is down by a whopping 40% compared to that of the first season’s first weekend.

On top of that, the show’s Metacritic score remains painfully average – a 58/100 which is comparable to the 55/100 for the first season suggesting no real improvement in critical reaction. Netflix didn’t announce the cancellation of “Daredevil” until about five weeks after its new season launched.

How long until Netflix renders a verdict on “The Punisher”? It will likely be sooner than that. If it does go ahead somehow though, executive producer Steve Lightfoot tells Heroic Hollywood that they’d like to include characters Kingpin and Daredevil in the next season:

“All those guys are great. Obviously Daredevil and Punisher have a lot of history and story between them in the comic books. So it would be great to dig into some of that. Also villains like the Kingpin who was featured in quite a lot of the Punisher books as well. So it would be fantastic to get some of those guys back into the show if we can make it work.

“The Punisher” season two is now streaming. The third season of “Jessica Jones” has yet to set an airdate.

Source: Business Insider