The PS4 Gets VR With Project Morpheus

Following months of rumors, Sony have unveiled its virtual reality prototype for PlayStation 4 at a GDC 2014 presentation.

Called Project Morpheus, the head-mounted display is expected to have “seamless integration with PlayStation Camera, DualShock 4, and PS Move” and will essentially be plug and play.

The unit has a 1080p display, a 90+ degree viewing angle, full 360 degree positional tracking, low latency, and 3D audio technology that recreates positional sound.

Developers Epic Games and Crytek are already on-board to create games and content for the system which the company claims it’s treating as “a medium, not a peripheral”. A special version of the just released “Thief” is said to have Morpheus compatibility, as does “EVE Valkyrie”.

The unit is seen as a potential challenger to the much hyped Oculus Rift which is still being refined.