The “Prometheus” Teaser Trailer Arrives

The astonishing teaser trailer for Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated “Prometheus” has arrived in high definition online. The HD copies can be downloaded from

The trailer will certainly fire up the debate about how much of this film will essentially serve as a prequel to his 1979 classic “Alien”. Along with an “Inception”-style boom that seems a pre-requisite with all previews these days, the teaser mixes in both the slowly assembling logo trick and the unique warning klaxon sound from the original “Alien” teaser trailer (included for reference below).

Many of the epic visual shots harken back to “Alien” as well in terms of content and composition. One shot seems to show the Space Jockey chair rising up into the position we’ve already seen it in, another has the ship crew medically scanning what looks like the skull of one of the Space Jockeys. Finally the collapsing space ship at the end seems to resemble the derelict on LV-426 containing the eggs.