“The Prisoner” Revived As A Comic Book

Titan Comics is set to revive the cult TV series “The Prisoner” next year, through a new comic book series by writer Peter Milligan (“X-Statix,” “Hellblazer”) and storyboard artist Colin Lorimer (“The Hunt,” “Harvest”).

The series followed Patrick McGoohan’s unnamed former spy who was kidnapped and kept against his will in a mysterious village where everyone was assigned a number.

As “Number 6,” he continually butted heads with a variety of authority figures in the role of “Number 2,” each assigned to break his will and discover why he had quit being a secret agent.

The comic will be a new iteration of the Prisoner as we follow Number 6’s successor. The series will launch in 2018, in time for the 50th anniversary of the show’s U.S. debut.

Source: Heat Vision