The Prisoner Has Been Executed

A while back there was a lot of excitement that both a feature film version, and a new big-budget British/US TV co-produced series was in the works based on the short-lived but much acclaimed 1960’s TV series “The Prisoner”.

In the original sci-fi themed series, a goverment agent named Number Six (Patrick McGoohan) finds himself held captive in a small, colourful and rather surreal village from which he tries to escape. Last year, it was announced that director Christopher Nolan (“Batman Begins”) was developing a film based on the property, whilst Sky One and AMC had teamed for a TV production.

Then in May, it was revealed that Sky One had pulled out of the production – but there was no official word on it. Now, in an interview with Digital Spy, Sky One head Richard Woolfe explained the decision:

“The Prisoner is not happening. It’s a very quintessentially British drama and there were too many creative differences trying to share it with an American partner. I didn’t want to be responsible for taking something that is quintessentially British and adapting it in a way that I didn’t feel was reflective of the way people would remember it and the way people would want it to be. So we called time on that.”

In subsequent months production house Granada has yet to have found another broadcaster to replace Sky, whilst talk of the feature film has all but vanished. The fate of the property, much like events in the show’s finale, remain in question.