“The Predator” Is Filming Again…Briefly

Lots Of New Stills From The Predator

Shane Black’s “The Predator” is reportedly heading back to Vancouver for more reshoots, though this time they are quite short.

The film, which hopes to re-energize the sci-fi franchise and serve as more of a ‘refresh’ than a reboot, has had issues in production with several release date delays and then a reported extensive batch of reshoots in March which retooled much of the film’s third act.

Production Weekly reports that the film, which goes by the working title “Ollie,” is now going back to Canada for some additional filming. They also indicate the new batch of extra shooting will be very quick – going for just two days.

There’s no indication of what is being shot, but the short period suggests only one or two additional scenes. 20th Century Fox has no plans to change the release date with the film still on track for a September 14th release.